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Extend The Life Of Your Computer By Keeping It Clean

Are You Leaving Your Computers Hanging Out To Dry?  You clean your clothes regularly, right? When was the last time you gave the same thought to your computer? Do you have your computer on a regular cleaning schedule? Even in the cleanest environment, electronic components attract dust. When dust accumulates, excessive heat builds up within…
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Laptop Computing

ULTRABOOKS The 7 key lessons of IDF Utrabooks, intel, microprocessors, laptops   Let’s face it: Intel’s track record of anticipating trends in computing is, in a word, lousy. Intel didn’t truly embrace low-power computing until Transmeta forced its hand. The company has repeatedly squandered opportunities in the phone by fumbling its StrongARM processor, and Intel’s…
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Mobile Computing

Sony SmartWatch vs. Samsung Galaxy Gear: The first big battle in the wearable tech war Sony's latest wearable tech creation, the SmartWatch 2 (SW2) is attractively styled, water-resistant, and sports plenty of apps and watch faces. The Samsung Galaxy Gear is a strong contender too, running a specially tweaked version of Android powered by an…
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