Extend The Life Of Your Computer By Keeping It Clean

Are You Leaving Your Computers Hanging Out To Dry? 

You clean your clothes regularly, right? When was the last time you gave the same thought to your computer? Do you have your computer on a regular cleaning schedule? Even in the cleanest environment, electronic components attract dust. When dust accumulates, excessive heat builds up within your computer. This can cause serious problems. As part of your maintenance program you should have your computer cleaned at least once a year professionally, which provides you with a system tune-up to clean both the “guts” and “brains” of your computer. Don’t leave your computer hanging out to dry.

computer after thorough cleaning ;-)

IT techs have pretty much seen it all over the years! Not only dust, but cobwebs, spiders, flies, lady bugs, and anything else that likes to crawl into tiny warm places are a problem. Dust and dirt can build up so deep in computers that they often quit running due to getting excessively hot. If all that needed replacing was a power supply when the computer over heats, you would be lucky! Adequate ventilation and proper temperature control are crucial for computers. They are just like your car and do not like to run when they are hot. Computers need maintenance and cleaning just like your car or clothes. You don’t neglect washing your clothes or doing maintenance on your car do you? Then why neglect your computer? Did you know that over time temperature change and various movement can cause cables and components to lift or release from their slots or connections? A professional will not only blow out all the dust and dirt, but clean and reseat all components and check all cables.

So what constitutes a dirty environment? Dust? Air pollutants? Ever open your windows and see how much dirt actually comes in? Are you a smoker? If so, tobacco smoke can leave a terrible residual film on computers and their components. Have pets? Balls of hair can get caught up in the fans, causing them to slow a computer down and over heat. Again, there is so much more to maintaining the “guts” of your computer than just removing the “beard of dust or hair” from your computer that has accumulated over time and this is why you need to have it done professionally at least once a year. Isn’t it time you schedule a cleaning today?

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