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The 7 key lessons of IDF

Ultrabooks, intel, microprocessors, laptops

Utrabooks, intel, microprocessors, laptops


Let’s face it: Intel’s track record of anticipating trends in computing is, in a word, lousy.

Intel didn’t truly embrace low-power computing until Transmeta forced its hand. The company has repeatedly squandered opportunities in the phone by fumbling its StrongARM processor, and Intel’s internal graphics program has struggled to keep its head above water until recently.

But, as analyst Jon Peddie noted, Intel does one thing right: It sees mistakes, and it fixes them, dragging its customer industries along with them. In May, Intel shifted its corporate motto to “Look Inside,” implying that Intel technology might be found unexpectedly in products beyond the PC. Now, Intel is busy driving the PC forward, but also hedging its bets with any number of non-traditional devices. The common thread? Those devices must compute, communicate, and consume less power than before.


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